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Powerful Photos of Animals and People Affected by Climate Change

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Famed photographer Nick Brandt's latest project The Day May Break portrays people and animals that have been impacted by environmental degradation and destruction.

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World Photography Day – Meet your contest winners!

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A huge thank you to all that participated in our World Photography Day Contest! After receiving more than 25,000 amazing submissions for our second multi-category photo contest (including our brand new Virtual Photography content category) we’re thrilled to announce the winners! :

And if you missed the live announcement, where our judges discuss each of the winning entries, head to the SmugMug Youtube channel to re-watch it.

Category winner: Nature
Ruby Throated Hummingbird, by Virginia Mitchell

Ruby throated Hummingbird

About Virginia: “I am an amateur photographer from Birmingham, AL. I have had a DSLR for a few years but really didn’t start getting serious with it until 2020 so I guess some good things do come out of the pandemic. I love the outdoors so, naturally, nature photography is my favorite. This is all relatively new for me.”

About the photo: “I planted huge patch of Zinnias this spring but didn’t have any idea that the hummingbirds would love them so much. Through a process of watching them, I picked up on some of their behaviors and how they feed and they also got used to me being there quite often. This photo is of a juvenile Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. Although they just left for their migration to Mexico and Central America, I am already anticipating their return in April.”

Category winner: People
Two lives OR Watching the parade, by Rockugraphy

Two lives OR Watching the parade [WPD 2022 Winner]

About Rockugraphy: “My name is Ravi Raja Madan, and I am based in Gurugram, Haryana, India, with my wife and son. I am a mechanical engineer working with the Indian office of a German engineering company. Photography is my right-brain passion as this allows me to create art I can call my own. I post exclusively on Flickr as the atmosphere at Flickr is always relaxed, unassuming, unarming, and de-stressing. I believe in slow photography, and Flickr suits my taste completely.”

About the photo: “The photo was taken during the 2018 Delhi Pride Parade in New Delhi. Interestingly this was the year when the Indian government decriminalized same-sex relationships, hence the excitement of the parade was at another level. I attended the parade with my wife, my trusted Leica M9 (now retired after 11 years of use), with the lens type Summarit 50 mm / f2.5”

Category winner: Animals
Allie, by Derek

Allie (Explored and WPD2022 Winner)

About Derek: “I am an accountant based in Memphis. I have a wife, two dogs, and three cats in my family, and all provide inspiration for my photos. This particular photo is of my 14-year-old rescue pup, Allie.”

Category winner: Objects and structures
Pink Paper Tricks, by Bernie Emmons

Pink Paper Tricks

About Bernie: “I’ve been a member of Flickr since 2008, however didn’t post much until 2015. A few years ago, I started shooting mainly macro, which allows me to express a creative side that I never knew I had. I especially love images that are somewhat abstract and minimal. Close-up paper photography is currently my favorite obsession. Paper is such a simple, everyday item, and can be viewed in many ways through a macro lens. If you haven’t tried it, a macro lens or extension tubes can possibly open a new world for you. It’s not all bugs and flowers; there are thousands of subjects all around you – just waiting for your close-up adventure.”

Category winner: Virtual photography
Look, I, I’m not just what you see, by Angelika Corral

Look, I, I'm not just what you see- Linden Labs, Second Life avatar photo

About Angelika: “Second Life photography began during the early period of my virtual existence as a student and a researcher […] As it was a partially long-distance course, students and teachers could meet at the Second Life virtual campus to attend classes and chat. I got fascinated by Second Life and started conducting small qualitative studies, using it as a research field. I needed visual material to support my findings, and I think, by snapping photos, I could observe and reflect better upon the virtual world that was under study. So, I started posting these photos in my Second Life feed, and one day, a stranger said: ‘Hey Angelika, your photos in your Second Life feed are really nice; why don’t you create a Flickr account and post them there. Everyone in Second Life is posting photos in Flickr’. So, in 2013, I created my Flickr account, and this is how ‘photography’ in Second Life started for me.”

Thank you again to everyone that joined the contest. You can celebrate everyone that participated, including the winners, by leaving a comment of appreciation on the photos that speak to you.

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The Photographer Who Captured Defining Moments Of The 1960s

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From Beatlemania to the assassination of RFK, the photographer's archive is filled with defining moments in a tumultuous period of history.

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Watch: OZZY OSBOURNE And TONY IOMMI Reunite To Play BLACK SABBATH Classic At Closing Of 2022 'Commonwealth Games'

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BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Tony Iommi reunited earlier today (Monday, August 8) in their original hometown of Birmingham, England to perform the band's classic song "Paranoid" — preceded by a truncated version of "Iron Man" — at the closing of the city's Commonwealth Games. The...
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56 days ago
Absolute legends!
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SSH from RHEL 9 to RHEL 5 or RHEL 6

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RHEL 9 no longer lets you ssh to RHEL ≤ 6 hosts out of the box. You can weaken security of the whole system but there’s no easy way to set security policy per remote host. Here’s how to set up ssh so it works for a RHEL 5 or RHEL 6 host:

First edit your .ssh/config file, adding an entry for the host:

Host rhel5or6-host
KexAlgorithms +diffie-hellman-group14-sha1
MACs +hmac-sha1
HostKeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa
PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes +ssh-rsa
PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms +ssh-rsa

That’s not enough on its own, because RHEL 9 also maims the openssl library by disabling SHA1 support by default. To fix that, create /var/tmp/openssl.cnf with:

.include /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf
alg_section = evp_properties
rh-allow-sha1-signatures = yes

Now you can ssh to RHEL 5 or RHEL 6 hosts like this:

OPENSSL_CONF=/var/tmp/openssl.cnf ssh rhel5or6-host

Thanks Laszlo Ersek for working out most of this. Related bugs:

2064740 – RFE: Make it easier to configure LEGACY policy per service or per host

2062360 – RFE: Virt-v2v should replace hairy “enable LEGACY crypto” advice which a more targeted mechanism

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Five Years of Fosstodon

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On 01 August 2017 at 21:59 UTC, Fosstodon went live with its very first user, yours truly…@kev. This followed my frustration with the many changes to Google+, Google’s attempt at a social network, which was my primary social network at the time.

It seemed to me that things were going downhill with every interation of Google+ and the writing was on the wall. It simply wasn’t as good as it used to be. So I wrote a post asking my followers on G+ if they knew of any alternatives I could test.

I soon got a reply from someone who had become a friend over the 6 or so years that I had been on Google+, Mike Stone. He said he’d been playing around with this little known Twitter clone, Mastodon.

So I signed up for an account on one of the generalist tech instances and had a play around. I’ve never really been one for Twitter, but Mastodon felt like a nice place to be. I spent a few months mincing around that instance, but I wanted an instance that was more FOSS/Linux focussed.

Problem was, I couldn’t find one…

The birth of Fosstodon

Mike and I had met on Google+ as we both ran in the booming Linux/open source circles there. I had a feeling Mike would be looking for a similar community, like myself, on Mastodon. So I pinged Mike a message that went something like this:

Hey Mike, What do you think about starting our own Mastodon instance that’s Linux/FOSS focussed? Doubt it’ll go anywhere, but at least we will have cool vanity handles. 😊

Mike thought it was a good idea, but we both wanted to enjoy the network, not spend all our time administering servers. I found Masto.Host and very early on we decided to host with them in order to remove those headaches.

Side note: I’m so glad we made this decision. Having Hugo from Masto.Host manage the hosting side for us is a large part of the reason why Fosstodon has been so successful, I think. Mike and I have been ever-present admins on the network, not squirrelled away messing with servers.

Anyway, back to the story…I came up with the name Fosstodon, registered the domain, signed up with Masto.Host on their smallest package at the time, which was $5/month, and away we went.

Fosstodon’s growth

I distinctly remember a conversation with Mike where we were both like wouldn’t it be cool if we got to 100 members! Yeah, we did that in a few weeks. Then it was hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands.

The growth is far beyond anything we could have hoped for. But the best part is that we think we have managed to keep the small community feel on Fosstodon.

Some thanks

Mike and I literally couldn’t keep Fosstodon running without the help of some very key people. So I’d like to take a second to thank them. Seriously, folks. Fosstodon wouldn’t be possible without these people.

  • Hugo - the long suffering owner of Masto.Host. The stability of service we all enjoy is thanks to him!
  • Ru and Tay0 - our amazing moderators who kept things in check and process all those reports we get.
  • Cooper - our fearless community manager who helps support Mike and I in many, many ways.
  • All our contributors - Fosstodon isn’t cheap to run these days and thanks to all you contributors on Patreon etc. we’re able to keep the lights on here at Fosstodon HQ.
  • YOU! Where would we be without our thousands of members? It doesn’t get more literal than this…without members, we have no community.

I’d also like to thank the handful of people who have been volunteer moderators in the past. You guys rock, thank you all!


To celebrate Five Years of Fosstodon we decided to make some stickers, which are available on our store right now. They won’t be around forever, so make sure you nab them while you can! Here’s what they look like:

5 years sticker example


Thanks again to you all. You’re all amazing and all play a part in making what Fosstodon is today - a friendly and bustling community of people from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds.

Here’s to the next Five Years of Fosstodon!

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